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Gerald Muschiolik is Professor of Food Technology and was Head of the Dept. of Food Technology in the Institute of Nutrition at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena from January 1998 until he retired in October 2006. Prior to this, he spent 20 years at the Central Institute of Nutrition, Potsdam-Rehbrücke; about 1 year at the German Institute of Nutrition Research, Potsdam-Rehbrücke; 4 years at the University of Potsdam and 1 year at the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL e.V.), Quakenbrück. His main research experiments are related to the techno-functionality of proteins in food colloidal systems and, in the past, to protein enriched foods and food analogues based on various vegetable proteins. These are reflected in the list of publications and research projects. The past research on techno-functionality of vegetable protein (faba bean protein) is included in the book „Functional Properties of Faba Bean Products (Vicia faba)“ edited by G. Muschiolik and H. Schmandke (published in German). The current research projects are related to the Science and Technology of Functional Food based on colloidal systems and include the application of biopolymers and the preparation of dispersed systems by micro-porous glass or ceramic (see membrane emulsification). His research on colloidal systems (multiple emulsions) is included in the book „Multiple Emulsions - Preparation and Properties“ edited by G. Muschiolik and H. Bunjes (published in German).

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