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Research Projects (since 1992)

Consistency and rheology of protein-stabilized emulsion systems
(MWMT Brandenburg 63/91)

Permeation of protein-stabilized surfaces in multiple emulsion systems
(DFG Mu 1053/4-1, 4-2)

Relationship between techno-functionality of food components and food behaviour
(KAI 2002 9A)

Surface behaviour of modified faba bean protein
(DAAD, ARC-VI 92/147)

Protein modification by physical methods
(AiF-FV 303 D)

Rheological and structural characterization of multiple emulsion systems
(AiF-FV 10102 B)

Fat emulsification in milk products by micro-porous membranes
(AiF-FV 11027)

Influence of lecithins on protein-stabilized food emulsions
(AiF-FV 11568 B)

Polysaccharide gels prepared by micro-porous materials
(AiF-FV 13064 BR)

Multi-component interfaces for w/o and o/w emulsions
(AiF-FV 13179 BG)

Model-supported diagnostics for optimized production of multiple emulsions
(AiF-FV 13393 BR)

Production of stable multiple food emulsions (W/O/W)
(AiF-FV 14087 BG)


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