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Preparation of Dispersed Food Systems by Micro-Porous Materials (Membrane Emulsification)

Micro-porous glass to disperse oil or water droplets

The method to prepare emulsions and microgels with tailored particle size under low shear forces has been available.

Known as membrane or SPG-emulsification ( hydrophilic or hydrophobic micro-porous glass with pore size of 0.1 to 20.0 Ám is used to disperse hydrophobic or hydrophilic liquid phases. Such technology is applied to develop new food systems or other disperse media, containing components sensitive to conventional emulsification processes using high shear forces. 


  • Preparation of new dispersed food systems by micro-porous materials (glass, ceramic).
  • Investigation of the influence of different emulsifiers or emulsifier combinations on the oil droplet behaviour by microporous membrane emulsification.
  • Preparation of simple (o/w, w/o) and multiple (w/o/w) emulsions by membrane emulsification.
  • Preparation of polysaccharide microgels with embedded emulsions (o/w, w/o/w) or encapsulated microorganismns.
  • Encapsulation of shear sensitive bioactive agents in multiple emulsion systems

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